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We design and manufacture our products with the highest quality standards on the market. We have studies of independent laboratories that certify them internationally. We can produce and customize them according to your needs.

I.O.T System
Telecom & CATV Series Products
Fiber Optics
4 way High Frequency Splitter
3 way High Frequency Splitter
2 way High Frequency Splitter
Cable UTP Cat. 6
Cable UTP Cat. 5e
Cable RCA
Cable Coaxial 540
Cable Coaxial 500
Cable Coaxial RG11
Cable Coaxial RG6
Cable HDMI
Cable HDMI
Cable HDMI
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We serve 20 countries with a work team committed to making the best
telecommunication products. We have presence in:

North America
Central America
South America
The Caribbean
Middle East

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